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how to make deposit to your account

How to make deposit to my nairastake account Just follow this step Go to nairastake have the money you want to pay with you Go to the near by Diamond Bank make deposit to this account Account no 0014152312 account name Nairastake entertainment after making the deposit log in to your account click on fund account there you will see deposit amount write the amount followed by method of payment click Diamond bank Nigeria and write the teller no then click deposit wait for some time and your online account will be credited you are free to place bet

Why risking more money when laying a slection

Why do i risk more money while laying than backing? You basically risk more money while laying than while backing because you stand a greater chance of winning while laying than backing. In backing, your chance of winning is 50% that is 1 out of 3 chances while in laying, your chance of winning is 100% that is 2 out of 3 chances. For example, if you lay Arsenal to win, you would win if Arsenal loses or draws but lose if Arsenal wins. You can however only win while Backing Arsenal if and only if Arsenal wins.

How to win multiples bet

How can i win a multiples bet if at least one of my selections win?

This can only happen in laying multiples. To lay an outcome, click on any selection to the right when the matches get listed. Some selections are unavailable either because there has been no backer or some layers have laid all of the backer stake for the selection. When you click on any of the selections to the right, the bet slip loads to show your selection. You can add as many selections as possible and the slip updates to show the changes. After adding your desired selections, you then place a single amount on your selections. Please note that the amount you risk increases as you add more selections. Your liability is determined by the product of all the individual odds. If your accumulated odd is 20.0, this implies that when you put in $10 as your stake, you risk (10 x 20)-10 that is (amount x odd)-amount, you can only lose if not even one of your selections happen, but if at least one of your selections happen, you win. Lets assume that you lay Manchester, Arsenal and Chelsea who are playing separately against different opponents at the odds below... Manchester---Lay odd=1.3 Arsenal---Lay odd 1.5 Chelsea---Lay odd 1.2 The total odd becomes (1.3 X 1.5 X 1.2)=2.34 You then enter $10.00 and you risk (10 x 2.34)-10=$13.40. This $13.40 leaves your account after placing the bet. However if any of the three teams win Manchester, Arsenal, Chelsea lose or play a draw...or if one or more or all of the teams loses or plays a draw, then you would win back $10.00 which is exactly the amount you put in. As a result of this, the $13.40 which left your account after bet placement returns and an additional $10.00, the reason why your liability(amount you risk) gets higher in laying is because in laying you are more likely to win than in backings. You can lay singles or multiples. However, at least one of your selections must happen for you to win. How can i place a multiples backing bet? In placing a multiples backing bet, click on any selection amongst the selections listed to the left. You must first get to the matches available before doing this. To get to the matches available, click on the link "Exchange Markets", this takes you to the list of available matches. When you click on a selection to the left, you are backing. After clicking on it, the betslip loads to show you the selection. You can go back to the match listing and add more selections, as you do this, the betslip reloads on each occasion to show the selections. You can add up to 5 selections. Please note that in backing multiples, all your selections must happen for you to win. If even one of your selections fail, you lose. As you add more events, your prospective gain increases and this may mean that your chances of winning get slimmer since all your selections must happen for you to win. Before placing the bet, as you enter your stake, the system in real-time calculates how much you stand to gain or lose. What are multiples Multiples are a kind of bet that allows you to select many events and place them as one bet. Naira stake offers both multiples backing and multiples laying.

Why are laying selections unavailable for some selections?

The laying option for a selection can only appear if the selection has been backed. Until another user backs Arsenal to win for example, Arsenal will not win (Lay) cannot be present. Why do some markets disappear sometime during the match in Live betting? This happens when the condition for the selection is satisfied. If Arsenal plays Barcelona and at a time, the match score shows 1-1, the following markets may disappear: Under1.5 Total Goals---Since up to 2 goals have been scored in the match. BackHomeCleanSheet---Since the home team has conceded one goal. BackAwayCleanSheet---Since the away team has conceded a goal. BackHomeScore---Since both teams have scored. BackAwayScore---Since the away team has already scored. BackBothScore---Since both teams have scored. BackScore [0-1]---Since the home team has already scored. BackScore [1-0]---Since the away team has already scored.

How can you lay a selection

How do I lay a selection? [ If you lay a selection, you imply that that selection would not win. For example, if you lay Manchester United in "Manchester United vs Chelsea", you would win if Manchester united fails to win. That is, if Chelsea wins or the match ends in a draw, you win. Note that you stand more chances of winning while laying than while backing selections, but your risk high while laying than backing. Your liability is usually what the backer stands to win and your profit is usually what the backer stands to lose. For example, if in a match involving Real Madrid and Barcelona, the odds for Real Madrid to win stands at 2.10 and the odds for barcelona wins stands at 2.30, when you back Real Madrid to win, your net profit is calculated thus,((Stake x odd)-Stake).If you back Real Madrid with $100, your net profit becomes ((100 x 2.10)-100)=$110 and you risk losing $100.In other words, after placing your bet, $100 leaves your account but if you win, a total of ($100+$110) returns to your account. If you however lay Real Madrid with $100, you Lose ((100 x 2.10)-100)=$110 and stand a chance to get a net profit of $100 which is exactly your stake. So, you would only win exactly the amount you stake. This simple principle matches both the backers and layers hence, the name,” Exchange Betting". NairaStake offers you the opportunity to also accumulate laying bets. Remember that in backing, as you accumulate bets, your profit is determined by the odds of each member of the accumulation. In laying accumulators, your liability is determined by the product of all the odds you are laying. So, the more you accumulate events to lay, the more your liability and the more your chance of winning. You can also lay up to 5 events in laying accumulators, but unlike in backing accumulators where you only win if all your selections win, in laying you win if at least one of your selection happens. If you select 5 events in your laying slip and one or more events happen, you win back your stake. It’s also important you know that laying markets for different selections are never available until there is a backer for that selection. Hence, you may notice some selections that have no laying options; this can only be a consequence of nobody backing it. Your stake is also regulated in layings.This regulation is based on the amount of money that is yet unmatched at the backers end. If for instance, about $1000 has been staked in favour of Bayern Munich to win a match, and nobody has yet laid bayern munich, it means you can lay bayern munich with as much as $1000 in one single bet at a time. How do I place bets in Other Markets? When you click on, 'Exchange Markets' all matches available for the exchange load and underneath each match you'd see,’ show all markets for...'. When you click on this for any of the matches, the available markets for this match loads on the right hand side of the page. The available markets for any match is dependent on the kind of match(viz knockout, normal). For instance, a knockout match would not have the 'Draw Selection’. The market data which loads to your right, shows the amount matched already for the match and for individual markets.

The meaning of lay odd and back odd

Back odd mean yes to a selection that they will win
Lay odd means No to a selection that they will not win
Stake is the money you want to risk for a selection
And the calculation is
What is the Lay Depth
The Lay Depth is the total amount of money that has been risked against a selection. For example, the Lay Depth for Arsenal to win Barcelona is $8,000 this implies that a total of $8,000 has been risked against Arsenal winning the match.
What is the Lay Odd

What Is the Back Depth  
The Back Depth is the total amount of money that has been staked on the Backing Selection of any given market. For example, if the Back Depth for Arsenal to win Barcelona is $2,000 it means that the total amount of money that has been staked in favors of Arsenal to win Barcelona is $2,000.

What is the Back Odd?
The Back Odd is the figure that determines how much you should win when you stake on that selection. For example, if the Back Odd for Arsenal to win Barcelona is 3.00,and you back Arsenal with $10.00,your net win should be,[(10 x 3.00)-10] which is $20.00,if you observed, for any particular odd, you should win [(Odd x Stake)-Odd], where Odd is the Backing Odd and Stake is the amount you risk.
How do I back a selection?  
Once the markets display, you can click on a selection to the left to back. NairaStake allows you to accumulate up to 5 selections while backing. Your overall odd is usually the product of the individual selected odds. Adding more selections increases your profit but will reduce your chances of winning. You can accumulate between a minimum of one to a maximum of 5 selections. However, note that for you to win, all your selections must win. If even one of these selections fail you, you'd lose your money. You can accumulate selections from different markets from different events. You cannot accumulate up to two markets from one event. You can only do this in separate bets. For example, in one accumulation, you cannot say "[1]Manchester wins" and "[2]Manchester must score" as these markets belong to one event. You can however say "[1]Manchester wins","[2]Burnley scores","[3]Arsenal vs Liverpool ends at [0-0]".